Sep 202008

You can work at home to pay for college.

I have been writing about college, scholarships, grants and so forth for a while now and I will continue to share items of interest about college occasionally. But as of now my focus is to give specific information on how you can pay for college, either for yourself or your kids, by working at your own business, primarily home based.

Anyone can get a job working for someone else. Most people do and it’s perfectly good.  However, as a busy single mom, you need more time an more money than a trade dollars for hours job can provide.

If you’re interested in keeping your current job and making extra income by working at home, great.  If you need to get a day job for a while, then by all means take care of yourself.  Hopefully soon you’ll become so successful that you won’t have to keep the regular job if you don’t want to.  Then you can do whatever it is you want, travel with your kids and stay in nice places and not have to worry about the expenses, pay for college, whatever.

Working for yourself to pay for college can be a huge struggle.

If you’ve found something that has really made you successful financially overnight, I want to know about it. So send me an email.  I have found that any reward is going to take effort.  But the great thing about having a leveraged business is that the rewards can be larger than your input over time if you plan well. And you get to keep them.

Looking forward to sharing what I learn about how to pay for college in the hopes in will benefit you too.

Aug 032008

In the next three weeks I will be posting ten new articles for single moms that need to pay for college education, either for themselves or their kids. These articles will cover:

  1. Online College Education
  2. Education for Single Moms
  3. Great Businesses for Single Mothers
  4. How to Find College Financial Aid for Single Moms
  5. How to Find College Grants for Single Mothers
  6. How to Find Scholarships for Single Mothers
  7. Single Moms Work at Home Based Business
  8. Single Working Mothers Saving for Kids Education
  9. Single Working Mothers That Pay for Kids Education
  10. Ways to Pay for Your Kids College Education

If you are determined to go get a college education or help your kids get through college, stay focused on your desire, make a plan and you WILL get there. Please be sure to stay in touch. I hope this information is useful to you.