Nov 292011

High School Profile

Note:  This is  part 5 of the transcript of the information contained in the video from VanderbiltUniversity about Applying for College – an Insiders Guide for Getting Into a Good College and it’s about your High School Profile.

For the previous segment: AP Classes

You high school profile tells a lot about your school and how it compares to other high schools.

How do colleges find out about the quality and size of my high school?

High School Profile - Niles West High School

Every student here at Vanderbilt and then again in any of these schools that I’ve worked at or consulted with or been with, they require what is called a high school profile. And a high school profile is a profile of the high school that lets us know the courses offered, the rigor of that curriculum, this lets us know of the students how many AP, IBs that were offered.

Lets us know how many go on to college and lets us know – we look for mean distributions within and distribution of A, B, C, and D, the class rank, percentile. Because we are looking at the competitiveness of the environment because that environment may be different from another school environment and that’s where we started getting that a 4.0 at one school may not be a 4.0 at another school. You’re looking at the curriculum, the rigor..

Next up is about college admissions stress reduction.

Your parents determine where you live and go to high school.  Not much you can do about your high school profile.

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