Aug 082008

What is a Great Business for Single Mothers?

Working at home on the Internet is a great business for single mothers.  They receive the added benefits to stay home with their children and save the cost of childcare and other expenses that go along with working outside the home.  When you work at home as a single mother, you have time to meet your child’s needs and at the same time, you can earn cash to pay for your bills and make the quality of life for your child better.  Working at home is becoming a necessity for many people besides single mothers because of the cost of gasoline and the rising economy.

great business for single mothersOutsourced employment is becoming a booming business.  If a company hires you to work at home, they do not have to provide the equipment, the computers, the workspace, or pay rent on a building for you to sit in.  When you work at home for a business you are not paid hourly but by the task.  This saves the business owner money for downtime when a worker does not have anything else to do.  Not only do you get paid for the real-work you do, you also have time to do the household tasks that are demanded of you.

If you want to start your own business as a single mother there are a plethora of opportunities out there.  There are millions of work at home businesses that you can start and earn money from the very beginning.  Put in the key word ‘work at home’ on your search engine and you will see that there are literally millions of businesses out there that want you to either work for them or to show you how to start your own business at home.  Be wary of companies asking you to put money up front.  There are proven companies out there that can show you how to make money at home and only ask for your time or your web space or a small startup fee.

A Great Business for Single Mothers

Do you like to write?  At you can write articles for other people.  If you can write a 1000 word article in 20 minutes you could make over $45 per hour.  Not bad!

Watch the Internet for seminars or webinars that will teach you how to start a great business for yourself.  No longer are you locked down to businesses like Amway or Avon.  Stay at home mothers have become a force to be reckoned with as they have learned how to make money on the web and have created businesses that have toppled corporations.  Anyone can do it.  Start networking with other single mothers and find out how they are working at home and how they are making money.  Join forums and chat groups on social networks and start asking questions.  If you really want to learn, there are people out there that will teach you how to work from home for free, even other single mothers.

Whether you open an affiliate page, take on some outsourced work from large corporations, or just sell items on eBay, you can make enough money to pay your bills and at the same time take care of your child.  If you do a great job, you can make significant income. There is a great business for single mothers out there; you just have to be able to find them and see if they are a reality in your life.

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