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College Grants – Be Sure to Apply Early

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College grants are still available for college bound students.  Make sure to apply as early as possible because funds are always limited.  Never say never.  Always apply if there is a chance for you to receive a college grant.

Make sure to fill out the FAFSA and the College Board info right away because colleges distribute 10% of the funds in January and February. If your taxes aren’t done use this years information as a place holder and update your online forms when you get it.

Check out these articles for leads on College Grants:

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the way the government and your college or university determine how much financial assistance you are entitled to, from federal grants and student loans to federal work study. …

Gates Foundation Awards $12.9M in Community College Grants – Gearlog

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Wednesday awarded an additional $12.9 million intended to improve education and graduation rates at community colleges.

College Grants and Interest-free Loans for Kentucky, New York …

News stories this week reported that contributions from wealthy donors will result in new college grants and loans for students in Kentucky, New York, Ohio, and.

Top News – Ed-tech grants target remedial college courses

Social networking soon could be used to help form a virtual community of campus educators charged with creating a national certification for teachers of remedial college courses, after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced …

Grants and Free Money for College Online | Financial Aid …

Free money is available for online college students through grants from the government, colleges, and private sources.

Get A Job to Pay for College

Seasonal Jobs for College Students | Financial Aid Finder

5 Seasonal Jobs for College Students. Written by mara No Comments Last Updated:: December 7, 2009. With Thanksgiving break a distant memory and finals right around the corner, it’s almost time for winter break. …

Just for Fun


The best part of getting a research grant in college is blowing all the money on a big party for your friends the day the check clears. The best part of getting a “party grant” is the same thing minus having to come up with 20000 words …

Seriously, you probably wnat to pay for college with any college grants you receive.

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College Grants for Single Mothers

When you are a single mother, you have plenty of things to worry about.  Besides the tuition for school, your books, and other expenses that go along with going to college.  One thing that will relieve the pressure, at least financially is a grant.  College grants for single mothers is money that is given to you by an institution or organization that will allow you to pay for educational tuition and extra expenses and you don’t have to pay the money back.

A grant is not considered a loan.  It is an amount of money that is given to you for specific purpose.  Once the tuition and your other expenses are paid, you can use the money for whatever you wish.

college grants for single mothers requires no paybackWhen you take out a student loan, you will have to pay the money back.  This means that through the end of your college career and you come upon the date of graduation, six months later, you’ll have to start paying bills towards the college education loan.

If you are single mother, this may not be a prudent thing for you to do.  Remember that college grants for single mothers do not have to be repaid but a loan does.

But by getting a college grant you may be able to transcend from an academic career to your real-life career without owing any money.

You need to fill out the FAFSA before getting any college grants for single mothers.

To apply for a grant, you can either go to your financial aid office or talk to a financial aid officer, or you can go online and find out what grants are available for you.  Your financial aid officer will talk to you about local grants that will help you pay for college.

You may have to have special admissions requirements for each grant.  Those which are federally sponsored require that you have a low income or that you do not have a job.  Fortunately, the grant will be adjusted for your economic need.

Other grants are given to you from the state in which you live and have to meet certain financial and academic guidelines.  You have to prove that you have a good grade point average and that you will finish school in a timely manner.

If you search for a grant online remember that any time a website asks for money upfront, it is probably a mistake to choose that company.  The purpose of a grant is to give you money not take your money.

The resources that they use to find grants on the Internet are the same resources that you can locate with the proper search words.  Don’t look at the first or second web pages listed on any grant our scholarship offer you see.  Rather go way past the popular hits and find the obscure grants that nobody has applied for.

You can find specific grants for sexual orientation, ethnic background, or religious affiliations.  There are even some grants for political affiliations. You may find specific college grants for single mothers.

As a single mom, you will probably be given some leeway in the application process.  There are a lot of grants out there for single parents, and if you are single mom you even have an added bonus to the application process.  You are a female and the gender itself will allow you more accommodations for grants and scholarships.

You are a single parent and this alone will prove that you have financial need.  Apply for as many grants as you can, because if you are not accepted by one, you will have a backup source for other finances. Don’t limit yourself to college grants for single mothers as there are other types you can look for too.