Jun 182012

According to Kathryn Hawkins | Bankrate.com – Fri, Jun 15, 2012 9:32 AM EDT your education may not pay off.

Kathryn Hawkins reported that going beyond a bachelors degree may not pay off financially.  There are five fields of education listed in her article that she uses to support this position.

  • Masters of Fine Art Degrees
  • Computer Engineering
  • PR, advertising and mass-media programs
  • A law degree from a fourth-tier school
  • Atmospheric sciences and meteorology

I received a Masters Degree in Engineering Management.  After getting my degree I was not financially rewarded, however, most of my degree was paid for by my employer.   But I was the one who put in the time.

I eventually received a promotion.  Maybe having this Masters Degree helped.  Perhaps I could have moved to a new company to get a more significant raise sooner.  But for me staying put made more sense in my life.  It’s not all about getting more money.  Sometimes education is just fun!

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