Jul 312008

RoboForm Report

Omarra Byrd has a really good report available called The RoboForm Report that I just read.  He has discovered new uses for RoboForm over and beyond using it as a great time saving tool that remembers and fills passwords.  He shows you how to use RoboForm as a complicated form filling tool. Great for anyone who has repetitive online form filling tasks to do.  Think big when it comes to this topic.  If you have different users that you fill out information for, this could be a great asset.  His report opened my mind to the possibilities of using the RoboForm in brand new ways.

RoboForm: Learn more...

Click here to check out The RoboForm Report by Omarra Byrd.

Click here to see features of RoboForm. Oh, you can get one version for free and free trial the pro version for 30 days.


Jul 242008

Try using a password saver and form filler to save time looking for and remembering all your passwords. Search on your computer in help using the phrase “fill form” or try a copy of RoboForm as a free trial and see if you don’t become much more productive right away.

RoboForm: Learn more...

Really. If you are not using Roboform you should.  It saves tons of time.  It works on all your computers and also on mini drives and your mobile phone (the computer kind).