Aug 052008


This is a book review and video commentary (below) about John Maxwell’s  The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Asset.  In  John  Maxwell’s earlier teachings he taught “attitude is everything“.  He thought that if you had a great attitude, you could accomplish anything.  However, an older and wiser Maxwell has revised his thoughts about attitude and now teaches that attitude is the difference maker.

Why the shift?  John realized that there are certain restrictions individuals face that cannot be overcome by attitude.  If your short sister wanted to play for the NBA chances are extremely slim that she will get in because of her height and gender.  She could have the most powerful, determined attitude in the world but sometimes that isn’t enough.

However, if she is faced with getting a promotion and is up against other equally qualified candidates, chances are, if she has a strong positive attitude she will get the promotion over others with a less powerful attitude.

Attitude Isn’t Everything

I wouldn’t want anyone to use this as a reason to fail.  Attitude isn’t everything but you can change your life, learn new things, and figure out how to do something you’ve never done before if you have the right attitude.  Never say “I can’t”, “it’s too hard” or “that’s impossible” because if you say it you are telling yourself just that.

Tell yourself you can learn how to do something new or nontraditional if you set your mind to it. If you say you can, you’re right! Just adopt a positive attitude!