Aug 182008

Just to let you know I’m performing my landlady duties on some of my student rental houses in Ann Arbor, MI and so not writing much.  I really like the kids who live in my houses. However, some of them can create entropy in a big way. For any non-engineering science types, entropy is disorder.

You should have seen this one house that 10 boys lived it. Disorder is kind.  The place was T-R-A-S-H-E-D.  When I opened the refrigerators, it smelled like dead things were in there.  Every food item had turned to a liquid goo. Disgusting.  And the stove had a one inch thick layer of never been cleaned food particles over the top surface. Nasty!

I sure hope you or your kids never treat any property that badly.  I’m sure you won’t. Well I hired the best cleaning service in Ann Arbor, Paula’s Cleaning. It took them two days but the place is livable. Will write soon!


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