Oct 022008

Practice Your ACTs and SATs with the Princeton Review

princeton reviewIf your 11th grader is thinking about college, you need to know that the Princeton Review gives your kid the chance to take a free SAT or ACT college prep exam about 2 – 3 times per year. All you need to to is call their toll free number and set up the test date in a location near you.

There is also an option to get a test sent to your house to take at home. This might be OK if you have the discipline to time the test and provide a location with no distractions. However, it’s probably better practice to take the test at a location away from home to better mimic the actual testing environment.

Once you get your results back, you’ll be able to see where your study efforts are best spent. No sense studying for math if you got them all right.

I’ve also read that kids who over study or study too close to the test date do worse than kids who just take it in stride. So don’t overdo it or the results could backfire.

Princeton Review Offers Coaching

The Princeton Review also coaches kids in particular areas or they can take a course to prepare for either the SAT or the ACT. You can find local professionals and teachers at your school that can help coach your kids through the process.

It’s a good thing to try and do well on these tests since better scores may help your child get scholarships or get into their preferred college.

They also have an option to take online tests. Check them out at Princeton Review  http://PrincetonReview.com

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