Mar 252010

The video below has a ton of useful information about applying for college.

  • We have provided a transcript of this video that covers many useful points to consider when applying for college.
  • Each section of the transcript is on a new page.
  • You can get to the next part of the article by clicking the link at the bottom or the article, or use the links at the right.
  • Go through each article.

“Since my daughter has gone through this process and gotten into a really great university (Johns Hopkins) with a great 4 year scholarship (The Hodson Trust Scholarship) , I can confirm that this information is valid and useful.  She did most everything this gentleman recommended about applying for college.  It works.”

The topics covered are below and each will be posted on a separate page for easier reading.  There is a link back to this page from each post if you want to watch the video.

Applying for College Tips



Read here –> For the firsts transcript about applying for college titled “Other than my grades, what can I do to better my chances of getting into a good college?”

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