Jun 022008

Thank goodness I have health insurance!  This is fresh in my mind. My oldest daughter broke her leg a few day ago warming up for a soccer game. We are still waiting to get into the orthopedic surgeon for the next steps. We did make it to the emergency room for X-rays right away and her leg is in a splint. So I was thinking about just how fortunate our circumstances are and that probably many are not as fortunate.

The three things that seem important to me right now regarding my daughter’s situation are:

Good Health Insurance

health insurance helps with broken arm1. Excellent heath insurance

Right now she’s covered on her father’s plan. Lucky for us I picked a good guy to be divorced from. Her plan even covers prescriptions, paid in full. I know that some of you don’t have health coverage. I pay for my personal coverage. I am so grateful that I can buy the healthcare that I need. You need to take care of yourself these days. Never get in the position of relying on some one else or some government plan to cover you. The principles I teach about paying for your child’s college tuition apply in paying for your own health care too.

2. Time to take care of my daughter

Since I am my own boss, I don’t have to ask for time off from work. I don’t have to feel guilty about leaving early for work or taking the day off to spend with my injured kid because I work when I want to. I can be there in an emergency if required. How cool is that? I am so grateful for this. This could work for you too. I highly recommend finding a way to make that work. Time is so limited and it’s all you’ve got.

3. A child with a positive attitude

You could come up with a million reasons to be irritated about this situation, and my daughter could probably come up with more since it’s her leg. But she is so amazing! Of course she was extremely disappointed about missing her chance to compete at Nationals in climbing this year (and who knows, maybe she still can) but she’s being very cheerful and just wants her leg to heal up properly. I am so grateful that I have raised a well balanced daughter who is keeping such a positive attitude through all of this. She’s decorated her crutches and is thinking about the color for her cast. Nice! I think I’d be a grouch if it happened to me.

Be thankful for what you have. And figure out how to get what you need. Life is too short to be suffering if you can avoid it.  Get a good health insurance plan because it can really help when you least expect it.